The Casonetti vineyard, planted in Colfosco in 2003, is a young vineyard, planted with modern vine management criteria.

Entirely managed with Doppio Capovolto, in rows in a north-south direction, with a planting density of over 3,000 plants per hectare, this vineyard stands out from our other plots due to the characteristics of the area.

The soil, with a very slight slope, tends to be deep, of a rather clayey nature. The red color of the soil indicates its characteristic of having a moderately acidic and low carbonate reaction, with high amounts of iron.

The climate is milder than the areas further north of Miane or Valdobbiadene, with temperatures on average 1-1.5°C higher; the rainfall is still good, so it is very rare to have episodes of water stress.

The early bud burst and flowering in this area, combined with the mild temperatures, lead to a very good ripening of the grapes, which are always among the first to be harvested.