The Serre vineyard, in Miane, is a piece of land that our family has been working on for about 15 years.
Located on very sloping land, facing south, the vineyard is trained 100% with the Doppio Capovolto system. The soil is clayey on average, with the presence of salis rock, a smooth and particularly friable calcareous rock, which in some cases can give rise to small landslides.

Like the entire Premaor-Combai-Miane area, the climate is characterized by a higher quantity of rainfall, especially in the April-October vegetative phase, and by a lower average temperature than the average of the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene area.

This leads to a slower ripening of the grapes, with a slightly postponed harvest period. This vineyard gives us very high quality base wines every year, ideal for making cuvées where freshness is essential.