Col De Sas

The Col del Sas vineyard is located in Saccol, in the municipality of Valdobbiadene. This vineyard is located exactly on the border with the Cartizze area, the best growing area, and of this it maintains the peculiar characteristics. The vineyard is located on a small hill, Col del Sas, which, as the name suggests, has a very high and outcropping rocky matrix. The result is a hillside vineyard, with a south-south-west exposure characterized by a minimum soil depth, where the vines develop their roots in the cracks between the stones and limestone rocks. This type of soil makes it very difficult to position the support posts for the vines, which are placed where a sufficient depth of earth can be found. This makes the vineyard very irregular and particular in its shapes and geometries. The small plot is very old, and the vines have a low production, with small and very loose bunches. This gives a unique aromatic and gustatory intensity to the resulting bases.

In 2020 we chose to remove this vineyard and replant it according to a logic of space optimization and improved management. We reset the rows and the whole vineyard was brought to a Doppio Capovolto management. We have chosen to respect the starting soil by giving birth to a new vineyard with healthier and stronger plants which will be the base of our wines of the future.