The Federa Vineyard, in Colbertaldo, is the most representative vineyard for us. Historically owned by our family, this vineyard of about 2 hectares has always given us excellent quality grapes. Federa gives the name to our Valdobbiadene DOCG Sparkling selections. The vineyard is on average very old, with vines over 70 years old.

The completely hilly position, with even very steep slopes, makes it completely non-mechanisable, and very demanding to manage. Exposure to the sun is optimal, with a south/south-west direction, allowing almost complete radiation from morning to evening. This factor, combined with the natural ventilation of the place, allows an excellent ripening of the grapes, with optimal health conditions.

70% of the vineyard is trained in Sylvoz, while the remaining 30%, planted in more recent times, is trained in Doppio Capovolto. The soil is shallow, with the rocky matrix in close contact with the roots of the plants; this gives the typical minerality to the wines that come from these grapes. Inside the estate there is one of the typical cottages that characterize the hills of the Valdobbiadene area, the so-called "Casére". These small buildings were once used as stables where, during the summer season, cattle were moved from the village to the hills, where the animals had plenty of fresh grass and provided the manure for the natural fertilization of the vineyards.

Now the caséra has been renovated and used as a farmhouse for convivial meetings.
At the bottom there is also a small source of drinking water, which flows continuously all year round.
The portion of the vineyard that surrounds it has always been called "Fontanei" or "Màscheri"