The Tenade vineyard, in Premaor di Miane, was acquired by our family in 1998, but the vines were planted in the mid-1980s. The vineyard is very regular, with southern exposure and rows in an east-west direction.

The slope is steep, with terraces on the rows and vines grown 100% in Doppio Capovolto.

The soil is of morainic origin, formed by a branch of the great Piave glacier, like the entire Premaor-Combai-Miane area, and is characterized by a high presence of stratified rocks and salis, with high limestone and not too deep soils.

This vineyard does not have much water retention, due to the low amount of clay present, but the greater abundance of rainfall (we are at slightly higher altitudes and closer to the pre-Alpine barrier) means there is no water stress but rather more vegetation lush.

The average temperatures in this area are slightly lower, which leads to later ripening; in fact this is always the last vineyard to be harvested.

The base wines that are obtained from this vineyard are always easily distinguishable by their greater freshness and more floral scents, which differ from the more fruity notes of the Colbertaldo and Valdobbiadene areas.